A Benediction, an Invocation for the Coming Year

new-year-passengerMay you find your days to shine quietly even in the Sun’s absence,
May you find your days to be many, too many to count, for Time is a currency that oft slips through Man’s fingers,
And may your days be blessed with peace, for Man is a worrisome creature who frets of tomorrow’s bread and troubles, whilst the birds of the sky find their food, and the lilies of the valley find their gowns perfectly spun.

May you reap what you have sown, and I pray that you sow Love,
For hate is naught but the absence of Love, and by their work, those who sow anger find themselves hungry, for they only find shoots of weeds,
May you give Love and find it given to you in abundance,
For Love is the bread and the wine for the soul: may you be merry.

May you love justice,
For men strive to preach truth, and in their haste to do what is good, forget that truth and Love are married.
If even the mysteries of the deep are known, all of them in their large sum,
If Love has no part, it is worthless.
May you consider the brother and the sister, both in nearness and distance,
And cry out for justice to be shown to whoever is needy.
May Lazarus not be shunned, ignored in our tales, our legends.
May the works of your hands befriend the unlovable, wash the feet of the broken, and serve both the orphan and the widow.

May you love kindness,
For what is Love without action?
Love is a mystery,
Its answer glimpsed in the tenderness of a tender touch.
Love is the language of God speaking to Man,
And Love is how Man glimpses God:
By the Love shown from Man unto Man.
May we Love both the brother and the enemy,
For He loved us first:
And thus we must love fully.

May you love humility,
For shame finds its dwelling in pride,
And we find ourselves to be ants of a hill in the Cosmos.
Let us serve one another with great joy,
For He who is the Greatest became the Least,
And knelt down with slave’s garb to cleanse tired feet.
May we love humility to find our pride dissipate with shame,
And to find our cup filled with joy in our giving, our losing.

May you find rest in your Living Water,
For we oft dig cisterns to find them dry, to find our thirst un-quenched.

May you find rest in the Greatest and Least,
For He gives both a light yoke and rest for weary shoulders.

May you find healing in your Physician,
We cry in our brokenness and our leprosy, our constant bleeding;
To find that He has brushed our yearning hands with His cloak,
To find our desperate pleas calmed and quieted.

May you find the beauty in the coming days,
And may the seeds that you plant grow into fruitful trees,
Despite the wind and the weather,
And may people taste the fruit of your labor
And find it to be sweet, and glimpse God therein.
May all plant seeds,
And perhaps glimpse Eden yet again.

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