Helios//Selene – Abi Conway and Hope Wood – 11/12/2016

I had so much fun doing this series 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve actually done a conceptual project for fun, rather than class. With that being said, I’ll briefly explain the concept and leave much to the imagination: because I’m tired. And it’s 10:38 PM right now.

So I’ve always been interested in what the Image of God is like, especially with it being both fully male and female. There seems to be this mystery around this union; male and female being of one flesh. And we celebrate the similarities and the differences.

But not all people look alike, yet we tend to box definitions and gender norms onto each other. I wanted to explore that with this definition of femininity.

Often times, the Sun is equated with masculinity (i.e. Helios, Apollo), and when the Sun is made feminine, the strength that it held with its masculinity often disappears and is replaced with warmth and gentleness. The Moon is often equated with femininity (i.e. Selene, Artemis), and when it is, often its females are strong, harsh, and mysterious. Like hunters. I wanted to switch the stereotypes around, making Helios feminine and having a stronger, bolder, mysterious feel, while making Selene, still feminine, but much more warmer and gentler. Femininity has no box, it doesn’t have to look like one thing or the other. Femininity is universally beautiful, and is universally different from person to person.

Accordingly, I also took the Helios pictures from day to sunset, and the Selene pictures from sunset to night, so you’ll see a slow transition.

It’s probably seems bizarre that a guy is trying to talk about femininity, no? Probably. I’m not trying to tell people what “femininity” is or define someone else’s gender. That’s not what I’m aiming to do. I think as a male living in a predominantly patriarchal society, it’s easy for me to overlook a lot of the struggle that females go through in terms of the gender standards and body standards or like, what a ideal female should be/look like/act like. And I don’t want to be ignorant to that just because it doesn’t affect me, I think it’s important for even the people who have the scales tipped in their favor to speak of injustice toward the oppressed and marginalized. I want to speak with the females and cry out, even if I can’t understand fully what they might be going through.

So yeah… Sorry if this was less well-written than other things, I’m tired. kthxbi. ENJOY ❤
(Also thanks to Abi Conway and Hope Wood. You guys are the best ❤ Thanks for listening to my ideas and affirming it and helping me out ❤ ❤ ❤ I love you 5ever)


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