Jaime and Micah – Anniversary – 09/01/2016

So Jaime and Micah are some of my v good friends, and Jaime did some photo stuff for me in exchange that I do some anniversary photos, which I was very happy to do. Actual relationship goals. Like literal G O A L S._MG_3782_MG_3787_MG_3790_MG_3795_MG_3811_MG_3824_MG_3870_MG_3878_MG_3879_MG_3887_MG_3898_MG_3905_MG_3909_MG_3916_MG_3936_MG_3941_MG_3985_MG_3990_MG_3996_MG_4002_MG_4044_MG_4048_MG_4062_MG_4075_MG_4089_MG_4138_MG_4142_MG_4149_MG_4163_MG_4157

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