Chicago Wanderings – 08/28/2016 – I’m Awake

I generally only like writing short blurbs, but the city in morning was so fascinating, I just had to write more about it and do a separate series from the afternoon photos.

So generally, I’ve only been in the actual city in the afternoon or evening, so I’ve never really seen the city in this way.

I offered to help out at the ministry fair that my church holds because I’m a part of the children’s ministry there, but the issue was that the usual carpool list that some students at my college put together isn’t scheduled to be put into effect until next week. I needed to go to church, even though there weren’t any rides: so I decided to go to the church via train and walk from the train station to the church, which is about a forty-five minute walk. I thought it’d be an awesome opportunity to also get homework for my Digital Photo class out of the way: my professor suggested/encouraged us to take pictures every week, so I decided, “Meh, why not?”

I immediately started to question my decision as soon as I woke up at 6:00 AM. I dragged my body over to the shower to go wash up and promptly after that, started lurching across campus toward the train station.

As soon as I sat down in a seat in the station, I passed out. And woke up and ran out of the train promptly just as it was about to head back in the other direction. Not exactly off to a good start to the morning.

I dragged my legs out of the station and was surprised.


I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of hustle and bustle that was present in the afternoon and the evening, and the quiet calm that settled over the city._MG_3592_MG_3603

There’s something oddly peaceful about a city at rest; the vibrant rush and heartbeat I was used to seeing was slowed down and it was as if the entire city was slowly arising from sleep._MG_3604_MG_3607

The morning mist clung to the buildings, as if the buildings were still trying to shake off remnants of dreams from the night before, and everyone I saw was starting to prepare for their day. Walking slowly. Taking a long, slow drawl out of a cigarette. Sitting at a bench enjoying the feel of the city slowly coming back to life._MG_3612_MG_3623

While I appreciated all this, I was still v. tired, so I dragged my zombie body to this cafe._MG_3625_MG_3627_MG_3629

It was so good just to gnaw on a breakfast burrito and sip coffee while all the world was just passing by through the window._MG_3630_MG_3634_MG_3636_MG_3637

And it was so fun to see photographers try to get the last glimpses of golden hour before the sunlight too harsh._MG_3638

And to see couples take morning walks together and enjoy the slow pace while it still lasted._MG_3641_MG_3647

Maybe I won’t ever wake up this early for church again (neither do I voluntarily wish to if presented with the opportunity), but it was just too cool. Had to share 🙂 Thanks for reading this far. I’ll post the afternoon pics sometime later.

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