The Secret Life of Walter Teddy (Part 1?) – 05/16/2016

So, I’m back home at my parents’ house for the summer! And today, I walked downstairs from my room to the kitchen to grab some water, but I saw a teddy that usually just hangs around the living room (my mom is a piano teacher, so it’s kinda played with by kids that pass through) and it was in the funniest pose: it was sitting by the window with a book in its lap. When my mom saw me looking at the teddy, she laughed a little bit and said, “Timmy’s the one who put that there.” I thought it was un(bear)ably cute.

And I started thinking about Thurber’s, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (the original short story), which is about a man who daydreams of fantastical situations while he’s in ordinary ones. What would a teddy bear dream about? Would it dream about doing ordinary people things like drinking coffee, reading books, and waving at other people? I’d like to think so. I’m not sure whether I could do another part of this idea, but I’d really like to.

The Secret LifeThe Secret Life-9The Secret Life-10The Secret Life-11The Secret Life-14The Secret Life-16

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