Chicago Adventures: Wandering by Myself – 3/26/2016-3/27/2016

I was exhausted from all the social interaction and schoolwork, so I gave myself a mini-vacay on Saturday and wandered around Chicago, while trying to sharpen my candid/lifestyle-type photo skills. On Sunday, I had to finish up a landscape project and just kind wandered around some more. Here’s two days worth of photo practice and wandering!

Saturday – 3/26/2016
This is an interesting pastry chef named Kyle. He told me, “Hey bro, get the fuck up! Our train is here!” Then proceeded to sit across from me, tell me his life story, and flirt with a girl next to me. Kyle was a nice person. (Actually though :] )Wandering-10Wandering-12Wandering-14Wandering-18Wandering-19Wandering-20Wandering-22Wandering-23Wandering-24Wandering-26Wandering-28Wandering-29Wandering-30Wandering-32Wandering-34Wandering-36Wandering-37Wandering-38Wandering-42Wandering-43Wandering-46Wandering-47Wandering-50Wandering-51Wandering-52Wandering-53Wandering-54Wandering-55Wandering-56Wandering-59Wandering-60

Sunday 3/27/2016

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