Chicago Adventures – 02/28/2016 – Jojo and Hyerim – Antique Taco and Millennium Park

Today was really warm, so we went ‘splorin after church service and ate really good food. (Also practicing sequencing, but I’m attached to all these pictures. There were about 50-something pictures I had planned for the sequence x.x So this is a much cut version of that sequence). Please enjoy!_MG_7693_MG_7732_MG_7754_MG_7756_MG_7773_MG_7777_MG_7800_MG_7826_MG_7838_MG_7867_MG_7870_MG_7875_MG_7879_MG_7882_MG_7892_MG_7898_MG_7899_MG_7905_MG_7909_MG_7912_MG_7915_MG_7919_MG_7922_MG_7945_MG_7952_MG_7985_MG_7989_MG_7994_MG_7997_MG_8019_MG_8035

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