Assignment: The Human Body in 2016 – We, the Self-Surrendered Marionettes – 02/19/2016

For my photography class, my professor, Greg, gave us the task of depicting the body as it means in 2016. I’m making the argument that the bodies we live in are nothing more than a product of culture and media, with little to no individual resistance: whether we succumb to the pressure to be healthy or the tantalizing prospect of pleasing the self. We are nothing but marrionettes on a stage, entertaining the audience of the “I,” and controlled by the adverts and peers that surround us. To escape the bonds we grasp onto so tightly, we must become aware of the cell, called culture, that surrounds us.

untitled-4Pres Balluntitled-7Pres Balluntitled-8Pres Balluntitled-9Pres Balluntitled-15Pres Ball

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