Chicago Adventures – Wandering with Esther and Mary – 1/16/2016

So today, I went exploring and wandering amidst the lights of Chicago with two amazing people, shopping and eating and coffee-ing. IMG_6346 (2)It was also a huge chance for me to practice what I’ve been learning this semester in a photography class.IMG_6354 (2)IMG_6356 (2)I was challenged by the restriction of using layer-based software such as Photoshop and GIMP- so the focus and impact gets majorly shifted to the delivery and rawness of the image, rather than “pretty-ing” everything up with a little smudging and layer magic. IMG_6358 (2)IMG_6363 (2)So I had to think carefully, even more so than normal, about each shot that I took and had to think about how everything (from shutter speed, to aperture, to ISO) would affect the images, as I’m not able to do extensive post-production to correct the images. And it was so, so much fun! (Although I didn’t take many pictures at night because it was too cold)IMG_6372 (2)IMG_6373 (2)It was challenging to think about each image so carefully. But worth it. Hope you enjoy these photos and I’ll post my assignments on here as well!IMG_6377 (2)IMG_6380 (2)I sincerely hope your weekend is restful and that you are blessed with many people πŸ™‚

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